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"Thanksgiving"- a National Day of Mourning

"Thanksgiving"- a National Day of Mourning
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Friend's only

this is a friend's only journal.
IF you would like to be a friend please create a livejournal account and post in the reply section here.
I will not friend you unless I know you from somewhere.
Be warned you are subjected to ranting about crafts I'm working on, Asian Ball Jointed dolls and whatever else is on my mind.
thank you.
Have a nice day :)

csi 9pm tonight

Grissom investigates when a sadistic client tries to murder Lady Heather (Melinda Clarke), who makes the probe more difficult when she refuses to name her attacker. Also, Grissom's reunion with Lady Heather makes Sara uneasy.

Lady Heather is love
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dolly tattooing

I tattood Kisten on the right shoulderblade, right palm, and i am going ot do something with his left hand and his feet and maybe a hip.
I gave kitara the pisces symbol on her left bicep. pisces =water.
and claidi a tribal butterfly across her shoulderblades that i am going to color with blues and greens. she was watching kisten get his done and well begged him to sign a consent form for her. it looks adorable. :)

uhh ok lol

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ff12 and poll

packed my memcards, restarted me game. god it takes forever to get to the good parts.
heres the poll
how many of you wear a ring on your left middle finger?
i wear a dragon, some days on the first finger of my left hand i wear a huge moonstone.

i saw someone's hand to day in a mini photostory who wears a silver ring on their middle finger too. so poll up people.


found my way to denofdemons today...

guess who i brought to work

Kitara, Lex and Nails's body. i forgot his clothing....
thought my dollmore stuff was coming today but alas it didn't.
soo fleur will have a reply later
shiwoo will have a reply and zephyr will get one later or tomorrow when i can bring kisten in.

photostories to do

1- sylvanas leaving
2- kisten to keit
3- lex to shiwoo
4- kitara to fleur
3- kisten to zephyr